Friday, July 17, 2009

Being posh in Southport

I went with Stephen, Nick and Peter to the Southport CLP annual dinner last week at the Old Links golf club. Stephen was the speaker and we went to support him, not that he needed it. He was feted by all, I was amused to hear that in a recent survey of Guardian and Observer readers, his defeat of Michael Portillo in the 1997 GE, features as the third best ever TV moment, behind men landing on the moon and Nelson Mandela being released from prison. We had a good time catching up with old friends, and the food was lovely. Cath Cookson was in top form, taking the mickey out of everyone. Mind you, I am not used to going to Labour Party events at Golf Clubs, they must be posh up there!

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scouseboy said...

I remember the look on Portillo's face as if it was yesterday. We watched the election results come in that night in the Devonshire, and as each Tory got beat, the DJ played "another one bites the dust"
He upped the volume for Portillo!!!