Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbye Caroline

I was in a very posh cocktail lounge last night, me, I know, laughable really. Sitting in luxury with all these very beautiful young people, who were dressed up to the nines, in the Palm Sugar Lounge in Chevasse Park. I was there to celebrate (or mourn?) Caroline Chege’s leaving of Liverpool. Her visa has expired and she is going back to Kenya, good news for her because she has her family there and life is good for her at home, but bad news for us because we will all miss her so much. We got on really well when she was shadowing me on the OBV councillor scheme, although it did get a bit tiresome, how everyone always stopped in their tracks with their mouths open when they met her, because she is so beautiful. I expect she will turn up again one day, probably as the next President of Kenya, knowing her. Goodbye Caroline, Good luck! Photos to follow

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