Friday, July 17, 2009

Could this be good news for Kenny market?

I have met with Graham Pilkington from Maplegrove to talk about his plans for the Kensington Market site. Working with the owner of the front part of the site – the building and the waste ground where the boot sales were being held – and the developers of the Neighbourhood Centre site next door (the old ice rink), they would like to build a new supermarket and car park. We should hear any day now whether they have been able to do the deal with a well-known supermarket. If they can pull this off, with our support, then we could potentially be looking at a stretch of the road where we have Iceland on the corner, in the new development, then some other shop units down to the Lister pub, and then the new supermarket, all facing the modernised shops across the road. Is it too much to dream that Kensington and Fairfield could feature once again as a district centre with this as the catalyst?

You can see a story about some other work that Maplegrove have done here

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scouseboy said...

I remember Kenny market in a former life. As a young boy too many years ago to mention, I used to help our milkman for extra pocket money.
The depot where his milk float was based is the site of Kenny market.
The layout was not much unchanged from when it was the milk depot.
There is another link that may interest you. The milk firm was the Co-op!!