Thursday, January 03, 2008

What did Father Christmas bring me?

I know you are all dying to know

I wont tell you about everything, but here are the highlights;

A Ruby and Silver watch from Gems TV from my Mum; I have been showing people how high the water level is in our cellar ever since.

The Field DVD from Colin - when we were in Ireland in the summer we stayed one night at Leenane in Galway, which apparently was famous for this film having been filmed there. So I set my heart on watching it. Oh dear, not really Christmas viewing material. Miserable film, dark and depressing although very well acted - but wow look at that scenery.

A three volume set of the Travelling Wilburys from Alex, Peter and baby Rebecca - she chooses very well for a three month old, dont you think?

A framed print of an old Liverpool city centre map dated from a long time ago - before they built St George's Hall. Showing all the docks full of water and lots of churches which are long gone. I must ask Roger when it was made.

And lots of other lovely things including Ross Noble on DVD box set, a jigsaw of Ireland, some great jewellery, smellies, books, music, a lovely calendar of Dylan, dressing gown, great red accessories, a stained glass boat to hang in the window, John O'Farrell's "An utterly impartial history of Britain", Mr Wobbly Head's Greatest Hits, Eagles CD, Knowsley Music Festival CD, chocs, photo frames, art deco pen and compact set, an emergency water kit for the third world and lots of other great stuff

Thanks Father Christmas (and all my wonderful family and friends)


Anonymous said...

you must have been a good girl this year!!

steve faragher said...

I take it you didnt get the print of old Liverpool from frank doran then?