Thursday, January 03, 2008

Highlights of 2007

Well here it is, the annual look back at 2007

This year's highlights were (in no particular order)

1. Wendy being elected to the council in May in Kensington and Fairfield. Now officially "joined at the hip", I dont know how I managed without her.

2. KVFM 87.7 - our wonderful Community Radio Station beamed from McDonalds on Kensington for a fortnight in November. Not just doing our own show but listening to everyone else's, particularly the two girls from Sacred Heart who were out of this world, Demi and Lauren

3. Developing the Neighbourhood Area Agreement for City and North. This is why I became a councillor - to make things happen at a very local level that will have a positive impact on the lives of real people.

4. Developing the Parks Scrutiny Panel final report - if all the recommendations are implemented then our Parks are well on the way to major improvement for the benefit of everyone in the city.

5. The birth of Rebecca May in Ipswich - I just wish I was not so far away and could go and give her lots of cuddles

6. The birth of Connie in Liverpool - near enough for lots of cuddles

7. Visting County Clare and Galway in the summer, in the rain. I am going to do a separate blog on another site when time allows to get all the photos up so that everyone can see what a great place it is.

8. Being elected to the Labour Party North West Regional Board

9. Being elected to the Labour Group front bench as Policy Convenor

10. Building new relationships with lots more groups in Kensington and Fairfield and in the wider city community - like the Liverpool African Association and the Liverpool Mural Project and Latham Court Residents and Phythian Residents and Putting Neighbourhoods First at Venture Housing on Boaler Street.

Here is to 2008 - with more babies on the way and Liam standing in May, this could be another great year.

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