Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update on the CO detectors project in Kensington and Fairfield

This message comes courtesy of Maria Curran at Kensington Regeneration.

"The following is the information I have on the monoxide installation exercise from last week's Respect programme.

147 were delivered to homes in the K&F area, all were installed either wall mounted or free standing with safety advice given to each household.

Still another 150 to be delivered but this will be ongoing over the next 6 weeks at Neighbourhood Assemblies. I've sent letters out to the residents in Fairfield who asked for an alarm but never took me up on them during Respect week. I'll be at the assembly tomorrow to give out further alarms in Fairfield.

Raising Awareness

As you know the project was a multi agency approach from beginning to end
PCSO's assisted me in the development stages by pushing this intiative with all residents they made contact with.

Kensington's HEAT collated a list of vulnerable residents and passed these to me.

Community 7 Wardens also collated names, as did I through attending meetings in the last 10 months.


During Respect week I was able to gain support from the Fire Safety Network (volunteers) and over the 4 days I had 5 of their volunteers.

4 x C7 wardens spent 2 full days with the project

I gained support from Cllrs Baldock and Wendy Simon for 2 days and their colleague Liam Robinson.

My own colleagues provided valuable support also.

I am also very pleased that Venture Housing are looking at running with a project as well and I will be forwarding as much information as I can to Ben at Venture so that residents on the other side of Kensington and Prescot Road can reap the rewards.

I understand from Sharon at the FSN that the volunteers had a great time and really enjoyed the experience. So as far as I can see only good has come out of all the hard work.

I can also say that so far 2 residents ( Fairfield and Kensington Fields) have reported that they believe their fires were faulty and using the alarms should provide some comfort in case there is a CO problem."

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