Monday, January 14, 2008

Treasures exhibition at St George's Hall

Having seen reference to the Treasures exhibition during Friday's night celebration, Mum, Roger and I decided to go on Saturday to see the boxes for ourselves in St George's Hall on the third floor.

If you have not been then can I suggest you make that visit before the exhibition ends.

Liverpool people have been invited to make up a box, of their own design (a shoe box covered with paper was the preferred size) and fill it with the things that they treasure about their lives in Liverpool.

It was very moving as we crouched down and rifled through other people's special memories. Almost everyone chose their family as one of the three things they treasured, but others included their football team, chocolate, computer games, their christening gown, photos of their ancestors, certificates for swimming, John Lennon Airport, Beatles albums, postcards from the Western Front....

It felt very strange to have such private thoughts available for viewing, but also a real privilege.

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing their treasures (and for those of you outsiders who believe that all Scousers are scally thieves, as far as I could see, nothing was missing from any of the boxes I looked in).

Go and see it for yourselves.

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