Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bin Saud family released from detention

I had this email from Martin Pinder just before Christmas. I am including it here because it gives all the background to the story. When Wendy and I were delivering hampers just before Christmas we saw Rev Porter and he told us about the Bin Saud family and asked what we could do. Jane had closed her office for the holidays so I went up to her house to give her all the details. I dont know what action she took but said she would get the files out of the office and make some calls. I then took a call from BBC North West and put them on to a few people - the Huthwaite's in particular. Well done to you all for such an effective campaign. Given the terrible state of affairs in Pakistan at the moment they clearly cannot go back there, I will ask Deb what we need to do next and post it up here when I get a response.

"The good news is that the Bin Saud family of Alton Street, Fairfield, L7 (and partly of Phoenix Primary School) were not deported today from a detention centre Down South, after being snatched from their home on Monday this week. Maaz, the 7 year and eldest of the four Bin Saud children was apparently taken with the family. It was Maaz who apparently won the design competition that resulted in the Polar Bear lights being affixed to the C7 HQ building on the corner of Prescot & Shield Road – a competition and project apparently organised by METAL, Marmaduke Street, under KNDC funding.

The downside of the story is that the Bin Saud family are not home and dry on having the right to remain and apparently need to go to Reliance House, Water Street next month for a Home Office decision.

If any C7, METAL or other organisations want to follow this up, can I suggest in the first instance, that you might get in touch with Deborah or Jim Huthwaite, respectively a volunteer and Governor at Phoenix school where Maaz and his sister, Afiya, attended: Jim & Deborah Huthwaite

Jim and Deborah were involved with the school in launching a petition to retain the Bin Saud family. The local Vicar of St. John’s, Rev. Andrew Porter, also played an important role in alerting the Children’s Commissioner.

The publicity through the “Echo” and “Post” also must have played an important part over the Reprieve, thanks to journalists Helen Hunt, Ben Turner and Luke Traynor of the Liverpool Echo. Locally, the Kensington-based Liverpool Africa Association also played a role in alerting people early."

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Congratulations on going the extra mile. Kensington is blessed by having two Labour cllrs. heres to a third next May!!!