Wednesday, January 30, 2008

National Holocaust Memorial Day event in Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

I was so proud of Liverpool on Sunday.

We hosted the national Holocaust Memorial Day event in the Philharmonic Hall.

It was incredibly moving.

There was quite naturally a big focus on the Jewish Holocaust but also commemorations for the Roma, the people of African countries suffering conflicts today, the events in Bosnia and Serbia, Rwanda and indeed ongoing persecution in our country, like the story of 14 year old Johnny Delaney, kicked to death in Ellesmere Port just for being a traveller.

I wont list the participants or their contributions because it has been done elsewhere, but they were all marvellous.

I came away considerably humbled by the whole event.

The only light moment for me came when I spotted someone sitting in a box near to the stage who looked vaguely familiar. I sat for a while trying to think where I knew him from before realising that he was no less than the Arch Bishop of Canterbury!

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