Monday, January 14, 2008

Liverpool - European City of Culture 2008 - has finally arrived

Mum and Roger came to stay for the weekend and we played a full part in the celebrations to welcome the arrival of the City of Culture 2008 in Liverpool.

On Friday night we went to St George's Hall Plateau where we watched the "people's opening". It was exciting, people standing on the tops of high buildings right across the square, back-lit, playing instruments, fireworks, music, children, choirs, big stars and stars yet to come. We really enjoyed listening to the comments of people round us, some positive, some negative, they had turned out in their thousands. One report said 50,000 were there, most of which were standing in front of me I think!

There were people dangling from ropes, spinning on trapezes, balancing on ledges (including some of the audience, half way up the Empire theatre, clinging on for dear life, thank heavens nobody was hurt), it was amazing stuff. The sound quality wasnt very good unfortunately which I suppose is a problem about being outside. We could not always hear what was being said by way of explanation. But leaving that aside it was very enjoyable.

Saturday night saw us at the new Arena for the Liverpool Musical.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, every minute of it. The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra were magnificent, sitting high up in the Arena on platforms suspended above each other. The bands were great, the films were great, the lights were great. I could have done without pictures of Derek Hatton or Maggie Thatcher but other than that it would be hard to find fault. And of course because we were indoors the sound was great too.

I enjoyed the Farm best along with Ringo and Dave Stewart and the whole audience singing "With a little help from my friends" and "Power to the People". I am afraid Ringo's new single does not really do it for me, I am not sure either that it is for him to say that "Liverpool I never let you down". But it was really special to see a Beatle, a real Beatle, on a Liverpool stage, singing Beatles songs, on such an auspicious occasion - and he was my fave Beatle all those years ago.

Well done organisers

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