Wednesday, January 23, 2008

European Elections panel interviews for prospective candidates

I spent the whole of Sunday with a couple of colleagues from Bootle, Manchester and Chester interviewing wannabe Labour candidates in the European elections.

Some very good candidates, I really enjoyed it. Particularly impressive were a woman from Shipley who comes from a famous political family, a guy from Workington (which has produced good people before as we know), a young woman with a number 10 background and a bloke from Stoke.

I won't name names.

I think I have said before, I always get a good feeling from being on panel interviews. Seeing the quality of some of the people coming forward entirely restores my faith in the democratic process.

I look forward to seeing some of these people on ballot papers in the future.

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Andrea said...

there should be room for 1 of them in a winnable position in 2009 as Titley is standing down (assuming you were interviewing candidates for North West and not another region)