Thursday, January 10, 2008

Digital camera suggestions please

I am afraid that my current digital camera has gone the way of my last one, I dropped it by accident and the photos are now blurred.

The first one was quite primitive, no zoom etc, but at 1MB it was pretty good anyway, although nearly £300 (8 years ago).

Colin bought me this one three years ago (3MB) and that was great too, I think it was about £100, but I might be doing him a terrible disservice (sorry mate!)

I went on a digital photo taster event at work last year, as part of Learning at Work, (thanks Shaun for organising it). The tutor said anything much over 3MB is a waste of money because most domestic software, printers, PCs etc cannot really process any better photos than that in any case.

So I need to buy a new camera, so you can see us knocking on doors, standing on street stalls in the perishing cold; you can see the multi-coloured murals on Edge Lane, you can see the festivals, the shows and the fairs; you can see the great new watch (did I mention the great new watch enough yet?); you can see little Dylan in his new Thomas hat, or whatever it is. (It is not all politics in my life you know!)

What would you recommend?

A 3MB camera, with zoom, with easy to use download software, ideally small so I could perhaps wear it on a string.....

Ideas and outlets and prices please.


Anonymous said...

Just use a mobile phone!!

Melanie said...

You can't really find digital cameras under 5 megapixels these days (if that's what you mean?), but they're heaps cheap and I'm sure you can find something reasonably good for your price range. In Australia you can kind of expect this sort of pricing for good brands like the Olympus:

My personal recommendation is the Canon Ixus (I have the Ixus 70) - the pictures taken with it are just beautiful and it's small/light. Here's a price comparison from a UK site that I can find: