Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Job

I started my great new job this week.

I wont tell you anything about it, my rule on the blog has always been never to mention where I work or who for or any of those details.

But suffice it to say that I am a very happy woman with a great new job, working for a company in Kensington (very handy for meetings and surgeries and so on), working for people I really respect, doing work I love, and being financially able to do it part-time so there is lots of time for campaigning and ward-work.

I am also thinking about setting myself up (very) part-time as a consultant so will be meeting with the guy from Elect that I met at RESPECT week last week, to talk about setting up a business really soon. I only want to work about 8 hours a week in this capacity but it will be worth doing a business plan anyway.

This entry is for the benefit of family and friends, not for political opponents or residents or public sector workers, although as with all things, you are welcome to read and digest.

My Mum told me she felt that 42 was a very special age for her, I hope 42 will be a very special age for me too, it has certainly proved to be thus far and this new job is a real example of that.

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