Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Letter to PM @ 5pm on BBC Radio 4

I sent this letter today to the PM programme on Radio 4

"I have been very disappointed, reading the comments on the BBC "Have your Say" website about Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture this year.

Contributors have suggested that Liverpool is not worthy of the title, I can only assume they have never been here.

I made a positive choice to move to Liverpool in 2004 and I rejoice in that decision every day.

Are Radio 4 listeners aware that within the UK, Liverpool has more art galleries than anywhere outside London, also its fair share of National Museums?

We have the Liverpool Tate, the National Maritime Museum, the National Slavery Museum, the Walker Art Gallery and many more.

We have iconic buildings, particularly St George's Hall built in the 1840s by Harvey Elmes, also the Albert Dock, risen pheonix-like from the ashes and re-opened by the Prince of Wales twenty years ago and of course our World Heritage Site river front. How many World Heritage Sites do you think there are in the UK?

Liverpool is no "Johnny come Lately" either like many of our nation's cities, it was afforded its charter by King John in 1207 and celebrated its 800th birthday last year.

We have not one but two iconic cathedrals, the Anglican Cathedral Church of Christ (built over 70 years during the 20th century) which is currently showing the Ann Franks exhibition as part of the UK's annual National Holocaust remembrance events and the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral, Christ the King completed in 1967.

Last year we hosted the prestigious Turner Prize, the first time outside of London.

This summer the first ever Gustav Klimt exhibition in the UK will be shown in the Liverpool Tate gallery.

Last weekend Liverpool's new Arena hosted the City of Culture opening celebrations and the world famous Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the equally world famous Vasily Petrenko lead the event, from first act to last.

I could go on defending this most magnificent of cities, but I don’t really see why I should.

Liverpool doesn’t need me to stand up for it, it is already proud of its place on the world's stage and those who snigger expose only their own ignorance about the cultural opportunities we have to offer.

Yes the city has been through hard times but it has risen from the ashes and is mighty again.

But don’t take my word for it, come and have a look for yourself - "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" might learn something.

PS and I didn’t even have to mention the Beatles or pop music in any of that.

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