Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dog warden motion voted down by LibDems

I am genuinely surprised that the LibDems voted down my dog warden motion at full council tonight.

I deliberately didnt write anything contentious or rude in it, that anyone could object to.

I guess they just dont like to support anything I propose in case it gives me or our local Labour team any credence at election time.

They amended my motion so that all but the first two words were deleted and replaced with a decidedly odd statement about being angry at having to take to over the responsibility for dangerous dogs, which I am sure as I can be will stay with the police. They wouldnt let civilians deal with rabid pitbulls, surely? Certainly John Kelly, Exec Director told our select committee meeting earlier this month that it did not apply to dangerous dogs.

So they dont even know their facts!

Anyway I remain convinced that this city needs more dog wardens to enforce dog fouling and to gather up stray dogs. I think this will now become a city-wide issue, one that all the people of Liverpool can get behind, because we all hate to see our streets and parks in such a state.

I have set up a Facebook group, join it if you agree with me that dog fouling is a menace we need to tackle - I expect Labour will want to launch a petition to this end too.

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