Saturday, January 05, 2008

Edge Lane murals

So what do you think?

Here are some pics and a story courtesy of the Daily Post

(This post has NOTHING to do with the Liverpool Mural Project by the way - ignore the inclusion of the M word.)

The Culture Company has arranged for lots and lots and lots of boards to be painted with very bright colour-coded images, to be laid over window panes in the boarded up houses along Edge Lane. There must be 100 houses decorated in this way perhaps.

There are rows of blue, rows of yellow, rows of orange, rows of purple, rows of green and so on in sections.

The Post might call the reaction "mixed" but I can tell you for certain that the local TRAs are all dead against them, they didnt want them beforehand and refused to co-operate with their design and they hate the final results (although not the blue ones so much interestingly). They feel "shown up" by the artwork which embarasses them and which they feel draws attention the dereliction around them rather than covering it up.

The only people I have heard welcome the artwork so far have been the culture company itself but I would like to take a better sounding, lots of art lovers read the blog, so what do you think?

I have said I will take the TRA views to the authorities but I dont suppose it will make any difference - the artwork is for the benefit of travellers going past, not for local people, or so the Culture Company has said.

What do you think? Are you pleased with the artwork? Do you like the images? Do you think it is a good use of money? Do you know how much it cost? I dont but could probably find out if you want me to.

Do you think it is a good way of temporarily improving the look of the area before the CPO enquiry decides whether we should demolish or refurbish this houses? Or do you think, like residents at so many meetings I have been to, that they would be better all painted black?


Geoffrey Crayon said...

They look terrible.

All the wrong messages.

Liverpool is a worthy Capital of Culture.

This tells people we are the council's Potemkin Village.

UK Daily Pundit said...

I was expecting the worst but judging by the photo in the Daily Post they're not too bad.

Robin Croxteth said...

I don't live in the ward, so I suppose I'm one of the "travellers going past" that it's aimed at. At first sight I thought "What the...." but I then thought that at least it looked slightly like someone cared about their appearance.... What I would worry about is that this (ahem) temporary measure turns into a long-term thing while decisions continue to be dithered over. Down at this end, there are still a load of houses visible from the East Lancs (after all, one of the main approaches into Liverpool and where all the footie fans go past) that have been an eyesore for years, and are even more so now some of them have been torched - yet they still sit there awaiting something to happen. A great site for any Capital of Culture visitors that.... Whatever the camouflage, the Edge Lane houses are in limbo and the only real solution is to make a definite decision and then follow it through....

steve faragher said...

As the holder of BA in Fine Art an MA in Multimedia Arts and an art teaching certificate to use the correct technical phraseology I think these "Murials" are the biggest laod of shite Ive seen fro a long time, couldnt stop laughing when I looked closely at one of them, included in the picture is the word heritage, how ironic, that word being used in this situation, on a crappy bit of pubic art,attached to on a gorgeous but blighted victorian viall, about to be replaced by a harsh design/build eyesore. I am sur ethis was done to hide the current situation ie fucked up CPO, etc etc. but the old expression polishing a turn coems to mind (the turn being the fuck up not the houses) another example of the powers that be thinking we wont question how much,I feel a FOI request coming on..........first one in 2008

tseve afaragher local turn expert said...

new year's resolution...learn how to type properly...or at leat re read what Ive posted....turd villa you know what I mean....yeah...well I'll get off the fence on this one and say I didnt really think much of these feeble attempts.....jsut re read no mistakes great press send

JB said...

The houses are obviously superb, the insipid 'artwork' a total joke.