Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Loose tooth

I forgot to tell you that I had that loose tooth out just before Christmas.

The pain was just too much, I was taking six pain killers a day, ridiculous.

So I decided that no matter how hard it would be to eat with it missing (it was a 7), I would just have to bite the bullet - or not ever again, as the case may be.

Anyway, I popped into my dentist who is 100 yards from my front door one morning in mid December. She saw me straight away, injected me with novocaine, or whatever it is, and whipped the tooth out, all within about 40 mins. Oh and I am an NHS patient by the way. And I joined my practice in 2004. So dont believe all the dentistry horror stories you read in LibDem leaflets!

It didn't hurt, even after the injection wore off and it turns out I wasn't using it to chew anyway as it has made no difference to me.

So hurrahs all round - and thanks to those people like my mate Cath who encouraged me to go for it, after my last post. You were right, I should have taken action earlier.

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