Thursday, January 03, 2008

Liverpool Mural Project update

You will already know of course, if you are following the campaign, but TLMP has been given the green light from Phil Redmond and the Culture Company under the clearing house scheme. They are going to pay for a mural, Riverside Housing already agreed to pay for one and now we need local businesses in the city centre and in the suburbs to pay for murals on their own buildings.

I would love to see one in Kensington or Fairfield of course and we hope Riverside will help with that.

I would also love to see on in the Smithdown Place/Penny Lane area as there is really not much for visitors to see when they get off the Magical Mystery Tour Bus.
Actually we should at least have a visitor's board there, even if we cannot have a mural. People should be shown sites like the bank on the corner and the barbers and the place where the girl sold poppies from a tray.

Anyway, it is great news for the project, I am delighted that Phil has listened to the huge weight of public opinion behind it.

It is a shame the Echo made such a dog's breakfast of their report into the success, mixing themselves up with guns and paramilitaries but hopefully when the first mural is done we can put that mix-up behind us.

Well done team TLMP

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