Thursday, January 24, 2008

Louise's motions to Full Council January 2008 (2)


This Council notes with interest the news that stray dogs will be the responsibility of Liverpool City Council from April.

Consequently Council believe the new powers require the authority to increase the number of dog wardens employed. Given that the Council currently employs only one or two dog wardens in Liverpool, this totally inadequate coverage will need to be enhanced.

In particular Council are aware that there is a rising and serious problem associated with dog fouling that has been reported in wards right across the city.

Council supports any and all efforts to tackle this by enforcing existing legislation and obliging dog owners to pick up after their dogs and not to allow them to roam on their own.

Council firmly believes that dog fouling, which is a major social menace, could be brought under control by firm and decisive action, including surveillance, steep fines with "naming and shaming" publicity, the provision of dog bins, free bags and any other methods designed to provide either carrot or stick approaches.

(If Standing Orders are not suspended the motion will be referred to the Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Housing for consideration and response)

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