Thursday, October 30, 2008

Young people in Liverpool Town Hall

I was interested to attend an event in Liverpool Town Hall to engage local young people in democratic debate. They attended a session in the council chamber where they were encouraged to ask questions about the things they care about - most youth services - and then they came upstairs into our wonderful ballroom for round table discussions on a variety of subjects.

I mainly ran an open-house, talk about what you like, session on my table and found out a lot about how they like to spend their evenings and what they want from youth clubs and other organisations and centres that they would like to get more from.

Essentially more sport, more sessions, some girls stuff - dancing, fashion, make-up, some boys stuff - gym, football, swimming, etc

They all agreed that they dont much like the ages mixing as the younger kids dont feel free to enjoy themselves with older kids there, and vice versa, and I took down a load of questions I need to find out the answers to for them.

They were all vocal and thoughtful and I was pleased to spend some time with them. What hurt me particularly was the realisation that my first group, from the Shewsy, will undoubtedly have been witnesses days later to the murder of Joseph Lappin.

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