Saturday, October 11, 2008

Unexpected stop-over

I got a text last week from a very dear, old friend from the Colne Valley. It asked me what time I take my lunch-hour. A strange sort of a question to ask I thought. I answered it anyway, and Stan texted back to say that he was flying away on holiday from Liverpool the following day and thought he might come over a few hours early and meet me for lunch before his check-in time. I accepted with alacrity.

I met him at Lime Street station, although his train was held up for 30 minutes at Edge Hill of all places because of a points failure at Lime Street which meant that every incoming train had to wait in a queue in order to come into the station.

We met and I drove us up to Yates's on Allerton Road for a spot of lunch. It was great to catch up on all of his news. And then I took him to the airport to catch his flight. Stan's father was Polish and he has become a follower of the Poland football team, which fits in well with his first love, Huddersfield Town. We talked about his travelling and his adventures and I told him about my councillor experiences. Stan and I worked very closely together in the Colne Valley in the run up to the 1997 General Election and we share very similar views about the other political parties, no names, no pack-drill. He has very incisive views about the party of administration in Liverpool and it was great to let off some steam with a sympathetic listener.

As I dropped him off, and hugged him, I told him not to make it four years before we see each other again. He said that having heard about our Merseyside Polonia project, he would definitely be back, an unexpected benefit I thought, from our local support of Gosia's work! So with a bit of luck, we wont leave it so long next time.

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