Sunday, October 05, 2008

St Philip with St David Church, Licensing service for new Vicar

I was invited to the licensing service to welcome new vicar, Rev Andrew Porter to his new church, St Philip with St David on Sheil Road, Kensington. I have never been to a licensing service before, but it was not dissimilar to the service to rededicate St Andrews Methodist church in Tamworth that I went to last winter.

Andrew was the vicar of St John the Divine on Holly Road, which the church is selling as it does not have the funds to effect the repairs needed - more on that in another entry later however, this is not a blog about that. (But expect good news quite soon).

They are now worshipping in L'Arche on Lockerby Road while they look for a new permanent home.

But this has left Andrew free to take up the vacant ministry at St Philip with St David (the last vicar retired in May 2007). It was a lovely service, officiated by the Bishop of Warrington (Bishop James was engaged elsewhere) and attended by any number of the local clergy, including the Arch Deacon, Ricky Panter who I had a quick update with about St John's and Henry Corbett, Jane's husband who I have met before at services in his church, St Peter's in Everton, he is the Area Dean and also Paul and his wife from Elim Pentecostal. There were also congregation members from the different local churches, from all persuasions and I spotted Jim and Deb Huthwaite so I sat with them for the supper afterwards in the church hall. I felt really at home and with friends.

I am thinking I might like to start going to services at St Philip sometimes, I really like Andrew Porter and it would feel good to have him reading the sermon and leading the prayers. But I am a methodist, I am not sure how it would sit to go to a CofE service, perhaps I should ask Andrew for advice.

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my mum's a Catholic and attends CofE!