Saturday, October 04, 2008

Update on Andy Monk's MS walk

We raised £115 for our short walk for MS with your support, thanks very much!

Message from Andy dated 28th September 2008

"The walk has gone really well since - had plenty of support from some really kind people, and more offers coming in all the time. I believe that most of the newspapers I have been to have written about the walk, and at least some of the radio stations have given details on air, so I am pleased with progress so far.

Gwen has managed to be with me for most of the walk which has been good, I really do miss her when she's at home. She's back home now though for a few days while I navigate the hilly terrain on the west coast of the Lake District - her mobility scooter gave up the ghost near the top of Gummers How (dead battery) and we had to chuck it in the back of a delivery van which pulled up to ask if we needed help (no mean feat, as it weighs 350lbs). The driver took Gwen and the scooter to the Newby Bridge Hotel for a recharge, so all ended well.

I will contact you again when I can to give you an update, and as soon as I have one I will send you a copy of the new CD we are compiling, and which is coming out soon to raise some more funds for research.

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