Sunday, October 05, 2008

Second hand book shops in Liverpool

I have a friend coming to visit over the weekend from Sheffield who wants to visit second-hand book shops while he is here.

Can anyone tell me where to send him? I am guessing Bold Street, where else?

Thanks very much


Paul said...


The one in the arcade in Southport is v good indeed if s/he wants to go that far

There was also a really good one just off Berry Street on Parr St i think, three or four buildings down on the right from the corner with berry st

Anonymous said...

Henry Bohn books on London Rd relocated from by Lime Street concourse not long ago.

Why not check out the auction houses too as they often do house clearances which have lots of books?

Anonymous said...

There is one on Lark Lane
Sadly, it is shut whilst your Sheffield guests are here

Anonymous said...

theres a good one in Mount Pleasant somewhere to the junc of Clarence Street.
AND Oxfam in Smithdown Road have a great selection of books ( I know they have educational and other genres there as I go there quite often) Oh and Oxfam in Bold Street have loads as well.