Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too much to say, not enough time

Okay, there is loads to tell you and no time to fit it all in

So here is a rush job of some of the meetings and events I have done in the last few weeks. If you want a full blog on any of them please let me know and I will accomodate, cheers

Respect Week 2008 - Monday at St Francis of Assisi School with the circus performers

Overview and Scrutiny Select Committee on Tuesday 14th

Respect Week 2008 - Wednesday, Warm Front and free electric blankets and CO alarms

Full Council - Wednesday and our motion on the despised Gollywog dolls

Thursday - lunch with mentee, Cllr Tim Moore

Thursday - Kenny Library surgery

Thursday - Babysit for Lisa and John while they go to see how Isaac is doing in his first term at infants

Friday - Job Fair at VHA as part of Respect week 2008

Friday - Refugee Action business breakfast at the County Sessions House

Saturday - Action Saturday

Saturday - Stockton for Roger's 60th birthday

Monday - VHA Scrutiny Committee - my first as chair

Monday - Cllr Stuart Monckom and I get into Ethical governance with our statement of expectations of Councillors' behaviour

Wednesday - HMRI task and finish group for City and North - new group I am chairing as part of our City and North Neighbourhood Partnership Working Group for Physical Regeneraion.

Wednesday - the expensive hair cut that failed - what am I to do now?

Wednesday - Fairfield Neighourhood Assembly

Thursday - meet the whole police team for L6 and local residents concerning anti-social behaviour in Balmoral Road

Thursday - Costa Coffee, Bold Street, European young people's poetry event (Yellow House)

Friday - Irish night at St Sebs - or how Wendy and I never got there because of all the damaged cars after our Labour Party meeting in Laurel Road, a year after the last lot.

Saturday - the black history month black achievers awards at the Crowne Plaza - a wonderful and fantastic night, I might manage a separate blog on that later this week. It was tremendous. And not a LibDem in sight, again.

Monday - day of training for foster carers and reg 33 visitors (councillors who visit children's homes to monitor them)

Tuesday - City and North District Committee - and the Picton flytipping scandal

Wednesday - Putting Neighbourhoods First and a project for community allotments
(and salt and pepper chicken and salt and pepper chips, yum)

Wednesday - Deane Road cemetery Heritage Lottery Fund bid update meeting

Wednesday - Neighbourhood Services Task Group meetings

Wednesday - Elm Park residents - and the saga of the worst entry (alley, jigger) in Great Britain

Okay, ask me any questions you like, I am going to bed now because tomorrow I have to be up early for the Venture Housing Tenants' Panel Consultation Day.

A public representative's day is never done..........but I love it


Paula Keaveney said...

Hmm.. so not a Lib Dem in sight again Louise (black history month dinner) Had you checked you would have discovered that I was on the list to come and was taken ill that day so had to get in touch to apologise. Please rectify this entry!


Louise Baldock said...

Paula is quite right, I didnt have to check, I did know now that I think about that she was poorly. Sorry about that, I am happy to correct this. But it is still the case that none of the other 45 were there either.

scouseboy said...

your hairdo and your car...What happened??

Louise Baldock said...

Re the car - mine was okay this time round, but Wendy's was damaged. She did get it repaired on her insurance and only had to pay the excess, which I think was £50. Although she had a lot of messing round, twice having to drive to Aintree to the glass place.

Re my hair, I went back and had it done again, and my lovely hairdresser paid for it himself this time.