Friday, October 24, 2008

The Facebook Sickie exposure - that never was!

I read two interesting articles today, one about how a guy in Australia had been caught by his boss at AAPT, who was a friend of his on Facebook, throwing a sickie. He was going to be investigated for disciplinary offences.

The second was saying that the whole story was invented and the guy was just mischevious with a vivid imagination. Okay, fair do's

But in a strange twist of fate, I understand that AAPT, the guy's firm are now having to issue retractions saying that he was never sick and the emails with his boss never took place and they were not investigating him for anything.

It seems to me, as this story grows and grows exponentially, AAPT are going to be mightily fed-up with this guy, Kyle Doyle (what a name!) and I wonder if they will now sack him anyway??

You couldn't make it up

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