Sunday, October 05, 2008

Robert comes to visit

I had my 21 year old brother to stay for a week, it was a very special time, getting to know him as an adult. He has been in Cambridge for the last three years and because he moved to Cornwall at a very young age, I rarely get the chance to see him.

We did some sight-seeing, all the usual favourites, and he helped me put the treasure hunt together for Wilson Henry colleagues next week. We also took the opportunity to go up to Stockton on Tees, for Rebecca's first birthday, and for the first time I had all my siblings and nephews and niece all in one place, together. How wonderful! Rebecca looked gorgeous, walking already and now with blonde hair, very different to the dark hair she was born with. I took Robert on a little tour of his early life, to the first house he lived in, the hospital where he was born, the church where he was baptised, his first nursery school - and the sun shone brightly. He has not seen any of those places since he was 3 years old.

Colin took him to see Travis in HMV and they got in the queue for signed CDs and met the band. On the last day we went to Another Place, to see the statues and now that I have learnt that the tide tables are in the Echo, we went at low tide and got the chance to see many of them!

I loved having Robert to stay and hope he will come more often now that he knows the way, so to speak.

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