Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Check your driving licence

Apparently the (old) new driving licences have only a 10 year lifespan, you have to renew them every ten years. Probably because you will have changed the way you look after such a length of time - as with a passport, and they are used to prove identity as much as they are to demonstrate your legal permission and ability to drive.

July 2008 was the tenth anniversary of the new cards, so if you were one of the first holders of the new pink photo cards then it is time to check it over and see whether you are now due to renew.

It costs £17.50 to renew, not a huge sum over a ten year period, a lot cheaper than a passport, but the fine if you don't do it is big - £1000. So it is important you are on top of this.

Renewals are being sent out but only if you have kept DVLA up to date with your address changes (and if you have not then you are breaking the law, so you only have yourself to blame if you dont get the renewal).

Have a look at the information below the driver name on the front of your licence. Can you see 4b with a date? That is your expiry date when you need to renew.

Nobody has actually been prosecuted yet, but it can only be a matter of time!

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scouseboy said...

I had my original paper one from the stone age when I passed my test in 1982. I was determined not to get the new one, but unfortunately had to when some lowlife stole it when the screwed mt house a couple of years back