Friday, October 10, 2008


It was FARA on Monday night – Fairfield Area Residents Association and quite a good turn out. We talked about RESPECT week next week and shared plans with each other for some of the exciting activities we can get involved in and some of the hard work that the various partners who deliver public services in Kensington will be doing. Wendy and I updated residents on our work, on issues we are dealing with, on the progress on Prescot Road and Drive houses, on our youth work in the parks and all sorts of other things.

Sergeant Simon Joyce from Kensington Community Police team told us about his team changes, George and Chris have now left and two new officers have come on board, so we have some new relationships to build. We brought three tickets for the Irish night at St Sebastians – Friday 24th October, it is going to be great. Contact me if you want a ticket and I will see you get some.

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