Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A limerick to Louise

A constituent has sent me this limerick, which has delighted me

I only hope it is true!

Feel free to criticise it, up hill and down dale

There was a young lady called Louise
Whose constituents were constantly pleased,
Not like with Old Frank Doran
When the place was so Borin'
That her majority was bound to increase................


Melvin Bragg said...


Anonymous said...

Frank Doran was so borin...oh yeah, cos you're the life and soul Louise! You mad thing you!!!

Anonymous said...

Young? Are you sure they mean you???

scouseboy said...

All three of you will increace their majority!!! Writing this in work, my internet at home is down at the moment. Gonna switch to Sky i think.

steve faragher said...

I always wondered what Frank Richard and eddie were up to after they were given teh bum's rush. I had no idea they were simultaneously working as critics for the Times Literary Supplement shootign a bio pic of the life of the Three Stooges....why yoooooo.....clunk....doh! I think the Limerick is fine....doh!