Tuesday, October 14, 2008

08 Ambassadors turn out for Sheffield Hillsborough LP members

Lots of thanks must go to Liverpool Labour Party 08 Ambassadors who gave up of their time at the weekend to show the city and its delights off to the LP members of Sheffield Hillsborough.

We met up for drinks on Friday night at their hotel - the ubiquitous Dev, then on Saturday we had a very busy but very well spent day, beginning with a tour of the Town Hall. The Lord Mayor was there to welcome us and join us on the tour, which was as always beautifully carried out by Steve Binns, with an extra frisson as he told us about the tricks that David Blunkett used to get up to when they went to school together. (Most of the members present are friends of DBs).

We then walked over to William Brown Street via Turning the Place over, which was much admired, and one group went into the Walker for the afternoon, while another group went on a train under the river and over to Birkenhead, both to look at the Liverpool skyline from the other side and go on the tram down to the transport museum.

My group then went into St George's Hall for a look round and then footsore I dropped them back at the hotel for a cup of tea and a rest before they got ready for a Union retirement party that night.

They had a further look round on Sunday, at the Albert Dock and various other places.

It was a great weekend, I reckon that my personal contribution to the 2.5million extra visitors to the city during 08 must be quite significant. I deserve a gold 08 badge, if there is such a thing!

We are now thinking about some kind of a return journey with highlights including the Lady Bower and the Winter Garden.

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