Thursday, October 30, 2008

United Colours of Kensington Face Painting AGM

Just a quick note to say how much Liam and I enjoyed the AGM of the United Colours of Kensington Face Painting group.

A good and useful AGM catching up on their activities, I was pleased to speak in support of the group and all their work supporting the major events of the year. From memory I can recall them being present at the Easter Treasure Hunt event in Botanic Park, at the Newsham Park festival, at the Lucy, Fields of Women cancer event (where Ann painted a pink ribbon on my cheek) and the European Neighbours Event at Venture Housing and at the Dream High event in Old Swan and at lots of other events. If they are not at an event in our area then it is not truly successful, that is my view.

And as well as a great supper we were fabulously entertained by the Gypsy Brothers, a local Romanian group. Wonderful stars, especially the young lead singer who won the X-factor at St Francis of Assisi earlier this year.

I loved holding baby Tarik, except that he passed his cough and cold to me, grrrr!

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