Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jonathan Ross

- is my favourite TV and Radio presenter.

I love the bloke, I hope he survives this scandal. I have read the full transcript in the Daily Mail today (in the cafe, I did not actually give good money for a copy, I can assure you!!) and I am quite shocked by some of what they said, particularly the bits that the BBC cut and never played (I wonder how the Daily Mail got hold of it?) but all the same, I love him. I think he is great, especially on the radio, him and Andy make long journeys a pleasure on a Saturday.

I dont know the first thing about Russell Brand, have never listened to him and so have no views about him but Jonathan Ross is great.

However the BBC decide to discipline him, I hope they pull up short of sacking him.


ManMadeMound2 said...

Great post...

We've put more on Ross, Brand and Sachs on our blog here...

Anonymous said...

Louise, Just Been looking Through Some of Your Photos and i have to say you really do remind me of a woman off the television called 'BareFoot Contessa' Check it Out, Shes The Double of you!

Really annoys me she does ! that must be the similarity.

Louise Baldock said...

I see Ina Garten was born Feb 1948.

That makes her 60, whereas I am a mere 43 in contrast.

Fancy you thinking I remind you of a 60 year old American, I am now sulking