Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on council motions

Well it is good news and bad.

My motion on violence against women was passed unanimously, so now Liverpool City Council is asked to consider the impact on women's safety in all of its decision making.

My motion on the quality of life for older people was also passed unanimously so now Liverpool City Council is asked to put some KPIs (key performance indicators) into play concerning those things that concern older people - toilet provision, bench provision and uneven pavings.

My motion on the Liverpool Mural Project was voted down - all the Labour councillors voted for it but none of the LibDems did. However, there is more than one way to bring this to fruition and I will now be calling on those wards who have not assigned all their Empowering Neighbourhoods Scheme funds to consider funding a mural - at least 13 wards have at least £5k each left to spend.

The scope of the scheme is to enable Councillors to support communities in their area to run events, or improve facilities that will enhance the well-being of local residents. Applications, it is said, would be particularly welcome from groups who wish to decorate their locality or run another activity between January and March 2008 as part of the Capital of Culture launch and celebration.

Tailor made I would say.

I have already written to Labour Councillors with unspent monies to get behind this.

If you agree with me and you live in one of the following wards

Belle Vale*
Green Bank
Speke Garston*
St Micheals
Warbreck *
West Derby
Yew Tree*

(stars indicate at least one Labour councillor) then get onto your Councillors today and urge them to support any applications from The Liverpool Mural Project.


Anonymous said...

Try telling the truth for once. Your motion was not voted down it was referred to the Leader of the Council for a response.

Louise Baldock said...

That makes no sense whatsoever

Explain yourself

Louise Baldock said...

I have been cross all day about this ludicrous comment, clearly designed to get the LibDems off the hook for putting the boot into this wonderful and popular project. So here are the facts.

Each motion to be voted on needs first of all to be agreed to be considered at all. This is done through a rather arcane method where councillors are asked first of all to "move standing orders" to consider the matter in hand.

If the motion to move standing orders is voted down then the main motion is not taken. This refusal to move standing orders is deemed to be a voting down of the issue itself. Any councillor will confirm this, other perhaps than the eejit who posted above.

The motion voted down says this


That Standing Order 16.2 be suspended to enable the following motion to be considered at this meeting of the City Council.

Reason for request – because of the importance of the issues for the citizens of Liverpool.

This was what the LibDems voted against. That they didnt even deem this issue worth consideration. Stuff the citizens of Liverpool.

My motion as detailed elsewhere on this blog was motion 38.

It is true that it does say on the Agenda of the council that "If Standing Orders are not suspended the motion will be referred to the Leader of the Council for consideration and response"

But that does not mean that a vote against the motion to suspend standard orders is a positive vote to refer the motion to the Leader of the Council. This simply means that the motion is not thrown in the bin (just yet).

Quite what use it is to the Liverpool Mural Project for Warren Bradley to be asked to give a considered response I am not sure. Many motions which the LibDems refused to consider have been on a two year waiting list for a response.

So dont hold your breath.

Plus he is on the very board that turned this project down.

How dare you, spinless anonymous Councillor that you are, suggest that you voted positively to ask Bradley to consider this. When what you did was refuse democratically elected members to vote on an issue of importance to the citizens of Liverpool.

There is spin and then there is dizzy....!

Kenny Lad said...

Don't worry, we're wise to the weasel ways of the Fib Dems now.

Jimmy Price said...

Maybe you should get The Liverpool Mural project to paint Bradley, Storey and The Culture Club tearing the heart out of Liverpool.

Louise Baldock said...

That made me laugh out loud!