Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fairfield Crescent and Prospect Vale TRA

Wendy and I went to the Fairfield Crescent and Prospect Vale TRA last week. Their first in a year sadly but I think we are back on track now. I came away with 8 action points, it was a packed agenda.

I was disappointed to read last year's minutes where a certain ex-councillor had told the meeting that a CPO had been applied for, for Kenny market (not true) and that the issue re houses on Prescot Drive/Road was imminently going to be solved (we have our first chance of resolving this next Monday but dont hold your breath).

It fell to me to explain the history and the reality of each issue without ever actually saying anything party political or pointing the finger at anyone or any party, quite a challenge. I was so non-partisan it made my teeth hurt.

Anyway there was a really good turnout and our next meeting promises to be really good, I have agreed to invite all sorts of agencies and partners to update residents on things like the new fire station that is planned on Beech Street, the real plans for Prescot Drive/Road (if there are any), the HLF bid for Newsham Park and etc.

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