Friday, October 05, 2007

Elvis on Blundell Street

Last night (Thursday) I went to Blundell Street, off Jamaica Street, for a night with Elvis. This may probably be my last Elvis post, ever, so let's make the most of it.

A big group of us friends from the Richmond on Church Road went down to Blundell Street, I forget the name of the club, but it is probably called Blundell Street, unlikely though that may sound. We had a two course meal (I had duck pancakes and chicken breast stuffed with chillies and mozarella cheese with fresh vegetables) and a half bottle of wine each (or a bottle between two if you like), with a floor show from the King himself and a disco for £20 per head.

Pretty much a bargain really, for a great night out

I think there was 11 of us, I didnt actually count, but it was a big enough group to really get into the evening. Several people commented on how special it felt and how we ought really to go out away from Allerton Road/Church Road/Wavertree High Street more often.
Elvis was good, funny, cheeky, lots of wandering up and down and around the audience, sitting on people's laps, getting them up to sing with him, taking them off for snogs etc (!!)

The dancing was fab, as usual I was first up and last to sit down, apart from the moment when Pat leapt into my arms during a rigorous bit of Rock n Roll and somehow managed to stamp on my foot in the process. Today I have a huge black bruise and a lump, she owes me big time!

If you are planning a Christmas Party or a Birthday Party, can I recommend this?

Great photos, don't you think? Elvis, the table assembled, and yours truly with a very happy smile.


Anonymous said...

Lou the place is called the supper club

Anonymous said...

And there were 13 of us - unlucky for some, but not this time!
Ian - blogging from Granada

Louise Baldock said...

Hope Granada is great, have a drink for me