Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phythian Park improvements

Wendy and I met Parks staff and Enterprise Liverpool staff and Neighbourhood Management staff today at Phythian Park to look at some of our proposals for how we would like to spend the big sum of money we have identified for park improvements and managed to push through the NRF budget.

We had a good walk round, past the pile of uncollected rubbish (I counted about five big fat brown rats scurrying all over it, lovely!). We had a look at the burnt down trees, the burnt out rubbish bins, the scarred and burnt benches (are you sensing a pattern here?) and the broken sports area.

We have agreed to seek costs to improve the benches, the bins, add new dog poo bins, add new railings, clean the park, relay the centre feature where benches and railings have been torn up, put the caps back on the gate posts, and plant some new shrubs and spring bulbs.

Exciting to finally see some progress here after I have been shouting about this for 18 months.

Incidentally the council insist on referring to the park as "Fielding Street POS" (public open space), the fact that no-one who uses the park would recognise that name is of no consequence to them, grrrrr


JB said...

This is excellent work, great to see you joining local people in campaigning for these neighbourhood level improvements.

When we met the officers in Phythian Park last July, the young lads told us they just wanted the fence fixed on the 5-a-side area - it's a pretty shabby show that the council hasn't even sorted that simple task out in over a year.

Louise Baldock said...

Well they are going to sort it out and I have asked them to add an extra gate and also basket ball nets...

We have had to wait until now for the NRF money to become available and for Labour to be in the majority in the ward so that we can essentially dictate what the fund is spent on.


JB said...

This council can't fix a fence without a Government grant - pathetic isn't it?

Well done anyway.

Jim said...

Congrats. I badgered them about cars being burnt out on the site a few years back. Their solution was straight out of the American Embassy textbook by (eventually) plonking great big concrete blocks outside the gates. I asked whether this was the preferred solution for places such as Sefton Park or Calderstones and received no reply!