Saturday, October 20, 2007

Training with old friends

The Labour Party northern region had a training event in the Devvy this weekend, not for Liverpool members per se but for people from across the north. I went along last night to catch a session from Labour's pollster, Greg Cook which was very interesting, followed by a buffet meal with some old friends from across the country. It was lovely to see my old oppo Tony Slatcher, don't leave it three years next time mate! Lovely too to see Janet Jobber, my old CLP Chair, Jago from Halifax, Dave from Bradford, my old and new colleagues from the different regional offices....I took great delight in welcoming them to Labour Kensington and Fairfield.

This afternoon after some street campaigning, I popped back for a bit of lunch and a session on developing the political message. They had spent a useful morning session on using our computer software package to target voters, something about the practicalities of creating leaflets (we have an expert in Liverpool already) and a session on campaigning with modern methods - texting and the like. I would have enjoyed that.

The session on the message was really helpful in focusing the mind on the purpose of the communication between the party and the people. And the need to make the contrasts clear. Lots of best practice being shared.

But the joy of it, as always, was meeting old friends and catching up.

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