Sunday, October 07, 2007

Looking up - exhibition in St George's Hall Heritage Centre

You will recall my entry on the Yellow House and the great work they are doing.

Claire and I went to see their new exhibition on Saturday afternoon at St George's Hall.

"Looking up" is a photography exhibition by young people under the tutelage of George and Gosia Mc Kane, where they explored the city centre, focusing on the upper floors of buildings. They photographed friezes, gargoyles, mosaics and so on, and then researched the buildings, the meanings of the imagery, the history of the buildings and the architecture.

It is fascinating, thoughtful and surprisingly moving at times. I particularly enjoyed the photo of detail on my own favourite building, the breathing chimney for the Birkenhead tunnel which sits behind the Port Authority building.

The exhibition will be there probably until the beginning of November - Yellow House is taking a group of young people to Auschwitz later this month so wont be free to remove the exhibition until after that. Do go, you will really enjoy it.

Edit: I have just noticed this is my 300th entry on this blog. I am glad it was about something so positive, showing Liverpool and Liverpool's young people in such a good light.

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