Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Treasury announces new public service agreements for the next three years

I noticed today that the Treasury has publicised its 30 PSAs for the coming three years. You can see them here

I was particularly interested in PSA 20 which is titled "Increase long term housing supply and affordability"

Halving the number of people in temporary homeless accomodation by 2010 is a real vote winner with this local councillor.

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JB said...

This is very helpful, thanks Louise for posting this.

Hopefully this signals the end of the myth of market failure used by Liverpool council to 'socially cleanse' much of the inner city - some signals to that effect:

Para. 3.1 "more homes needed across the whole country, in urban and rural areas"

Para 3.31 Local Authorities are instructed to "make the best use of existing housing stock" and "plan and facilitate new supply"

Para 3.5 No mention of Low Demand, HMR or Pathfinders.