Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kensington Vision FM 87.7

Look out for the Louise Baldock and Wendy Simon show on 19th November, 4pm - 6pm with all the community news!


Cath said...

Did you know that your old pal Len Tingle was due in Liverpool this weekend on some Radio Merseyside (I think that was the title but it could have been Radio Liverpool - whatever I think you will know) event. He used to be a presenter there many years ago and was coming back for a reunion.

Louise Baldock said...

No, I missed him. I was in Southport at North west Regional Conference. Hope it went well.

Anonymous said...

no doubt this community radio station is also providing air time for the Lib Dem councillor.. or is that too much to ask from a public funded organsation!!!

Louise Baldock said...

He was offered a slot but showed no interest. He didnt even come to the public meeting to discuss it (at Kensington Fields Community Centre) but I understand the organisers are offering to have him on one of their programmes.

We have been expressedly asked not to be party political on our programme and wont be mentioning our political party at any point.

Our content will be community news and we will be interviewing local community organisations and agencies who are not party political either.

Frank wont be able to mention his party either.

So hopefully that will satisfy you, it has satisfied the organisers of the programme.

steve faragher said...

Just to put the record straight the Lib Dem Councillor has been kept in the picture about the project and has been invited to meetings and to take part and didnt make any contact with me until about three weeks ago when I recieved an email telling me that as a publicly funded project it shouldnt show any political bias, presumably this was meant to make me aware he felt their might be.

The conditions of the OFCOM RSL licence means we are not allowed to promote politics or political parties and or religion. I take it that "anonymous" is in some way connected to this particular councillor as the language used in the posting is almost identical to the email I recieved.

The option for people to get involved was offered to the community as a whole, via posters, public meetings held, radio anouncments on Merseyside, etc, and as happens in these things "many were called", but only a proportion replied. One of the conditions of hosting a show was undergoing a level of training which involved several weeks of training.

If anyone has a burning desire to come on one of the shows I am hosting without bothering to do the 10 weeks training then feel free to contact me by email at sfaragher@hotmail.com and I'll see what I can do