Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BNP in crisis?

Searchlight has learnt that there are serious and major splits within the leadership of the British National Party. Nick Griffin won the party’s leadership election with 91% of the vote but he is now facing a far more serious challenge from among the party’s highest echelons.
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JB said...

Shurely, lowest echelons?

Anonymous said...

searchlight oh by the time they broke any news worthworthy comment about the bnp the story was finished

Regardless what the bnp stand for have or have done in the past they havent destroyed the national identity of this country, as well as wasting 5 billion in going to iraq for a war that was unjust and against the united nations mandate killing 10,000 s of thousand iraq's and well as our own braving figthing men Like the LABOUR PARTY has done tony blair should be charged with murder as far as i am concerned