Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Louise's motions to council this month - Liverpool Mural Project

I am proud to have the support of the Labour membes of the Leisure Select Committee on this one.


This Council notes that The Liverpool Mural Project is a unique project which is aiming to bring the skills and experience of mural artists from all communities of Belfast, working together and with community groups in Liverpool.

The Council further notes that their objective is to create distinctive non-political murals for Liverpool's 2008 European Capital of Culture year, celebrating Liverpool's proud history and culture.

This Council understands that the project has been supported and welcomed by many members of the Liverpool, Irish and Northern Irish creative and artistic community; Ken Loach, John Fay, Professor Marianne Elliott, Director of Institute of Irish Studies, Ian Jackson - The Liverpool Art and Culture Blog, Robert Ballagh, Professor Phil Scraton, Jimmy McGovern, Danny Morrison, Terry George, Peter Sheridan, Phil Hayes of the Picket, Christy Moore and many more.

It has also been the subject of many supportive letters in local newspapers.

This Council understands that the Culture Board have so far rejected the project for inclusion in the 08 programme on the grounds that it is "not edgy enough".

However this Council also notes that Phil Redmond has said he will re-examine rejected suggestions in an effort for 08 to reach out to more ordinary local Liverpool people.

Given this change of direction, and the big support this idea has, this Council calls on the 08 Culture Board to reconsider its decision on the bid from the Liverpool Mural Project and fully welcome and embrace it.


Ian Jackson said...
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Ian Jackson said...
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Louise Baldock said...

Thanks for your posts comrade. I have deleted them as you asked, having read them.

So I am not the only person who finds it necessary to routinely google themselves?

The best way to email me is through my council email address which you will find on the council website. It is my first name then a dot then my second name then @ liverpool dot gov dot uk.

Sharon said...

'Not edgy enough' that just about sums these clowns at The Culture club up, we get the chance to have artists from both communities of Northern Ireland working in Liverpool on the same project and with Liverpool kids to paint non political murals, and they turn it down. These fools who are running the culture celebrations have no idea how Liverpool's culture was shaped by people from both Irish communities who settled in Liverpool, and what better way to celebrate the peace in Ireland than to have Liverpool as the place where they worked together for the first time. Absolutley scandalous that the culture club doesn't support this project, this is what the 2008 celebrations should be about, celebrating liverpool's history and culture, just look at the support this project has from people who know about art and culture. If this doesn't get funding heads should roll. Of all the plans for 2008 i've heard of, I can't think of anything better than getting the artists over from from both the Falls Rd and the Shankill Road to paint murals in Liverpool and pass on thier skills, and that's the real winner here, the working class in Liverpool could go on to paint murals themselves, after learning from these talented artists. I'd love to see a giant mural in Anfield for the Hillsborough Justice campaign for example. Murals all over the world are the people's narrative and thats why the culture club and the Lib Dems don't want to know. Lets hope Redmond has a better understanding of Liverpool culture and history than the clowns running this joke of a culture club. The working class in Liverpool should get the money together and get a giant John Lennon mural done with the slogan 'Power to the people' and highlight the fact that it wasn't supported by The Culture Company.
It's scandalous, absolutley scandalous!

Louise Baldock said...

I couldn't agree with you more Sharon. Perhaps you would like to join the TLMP campaign to get this thing off the ground?

Sharon said...

Hi Louise, I emailed The Liverpool Mural Project a couple of weeks ago and was told I'd be more than welcome to get involved. I also wrote to Roger Phillips, not sure if he raid my letter on the radio, and I wrote to The Echo who haven't printed it yet, although I've read many letters from people supporting the idea. I'd love to get involved. I live in Everton and Netherfield Road would be another perfect place to have a mural.

Anonymous said...

I do hope the presence of someone with such close links to the "loyalist" side of the Northern Irish community sitting on the ruling benches is not of any influence.