Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nephew Alex is elected to School Council

My phone rang tonight and it was my 8 year old nephew Alex.

He was ringing to say he has just been elected to his school council and had been to their first meeting today.

Apparently it was a bit of a nail-biter. He and Owen had 11 votes each, and a third boy had 3 votes. He dropped out and the 3 votes were cast again, Alex won 13-12.

He said his heart was beating and his tummy was in butterflies while they counted the ballot papers, I know just how he felt!

I am really excited about it, I think school councils are great and shall really enjoy helping him with advice and support.

Apparently he told his class that his Aunty LouLou was a councillor and had been on a night out with Gordon Brown (!!) and that was what swung it for him. They start their spin early it seems.

Well done Alex, I hope you get as much pleasure out of representing your class as I do out of representing my ward.

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