Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Door knocking in Elm Vale

Liam and I have been out door knocking in Elm Vale.

It has been very interesting, we have done a few sessions now and often they say "Is there a local election then?" and I am able to say that there is not an election until next May, 7 months away.

We only ask about local issues and concerns, we dont ask about voting history or voting intentions, we are getting a lot of warmth and positive feedback, lots of casework and some really good ideas about what our priorities should be.

We are also phoning residents on the electoral register several times a week, at this rate we may even have got round to everyone before next May. I dont think I can ever remember a local election anywhere in the country where I have been campaigning where we have managed a full contact of every household in a year.

Of course it is early days but if we keep up this pace it will be quite possible. That is real public representation, isn't it?

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Cath said...

WEll done you!
I don't know what it takes to persuade people round here that campaigning happens all year round not just a couple of weeks before the next election - I've stopped trying. Banging my head on the brick wall was starting to hurt so I stopped.