Monday, October 29, 2007

Irish night at St Sebastians, Fairfield

Wendy and I had a great night out on Friday night at St Sebastians at the Irish night, part of Liverpool's Irish Festival.

Although it was billed as Kensington's Irish Celeidh in the magazine, it was actually Fairfield.

I do wish Kenny Regen would stop renaming everything in their own image. I do understand why they do this, they do such a lot to support events like these, in terms of money and in terms of staff support, that they want to have recognition and common terminology about the work they do.

But it is not fair to keep rebadging things as Kensington when they happen in Fairfield and when Fairfield people are in the vast majority of the attendees. Fairfield is probably 100 years older than Kensington, if I lived there I would be continually grating my teeth.

However, after 8 years it is probably a bit too late for them to change now.

It was a good night though, Irish dancers from the Cunningham dance studio, Steve the Squeeze on the accordion, a raffle with 25 prizes, including alcohol confiscated from under age drinkers on the street and contributed to the community by local police. Needless to say I didnt win anything, my luck lies not with raffles.

We had a great time, nice buffet, nice company, singing along to all the old Irish classics, we really enjoyed it.

Harry Dermot said I should have worn green, I was agreeing with him until I remembered that I dont actually possess anything green, do you?

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