Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Motion to council - Help the Aged campaign

This is particularly interesting because of the lack of toilets or benches in Liverpool City Centre as detailed in lots of letters to the Echo and Post of late. I know from taking my Grandad out when he was still alive, that the proximity to a toilet, somewhere to sit on a bench and being careful of tripping up over flag stones were massive concerns to him. It was what put him off most about leaving the house. This one is for you Jack!


Council welcomes the campaign by Help by the Aged to highlight the impact and implications of
Council Policy on older people's quality of life.

Council notes that in January 2007 a NOP survey of 1000 people aged 65-plus found that, when they went out, more than half avoided routes that might have damaged or uneven pavements because these could cause them to slip, trip or fall. In the survey of those who had slipped, 13% said it had left them afraid to leave home.

Council notes that in a Help the Aged survey, 80% of older people said that they found it difficult to find a public toilet when they needed one and 75% said public toilets were not open when they required one. More than half agreed that the lack of public toilets stops them from going out as often as they would like.

Council notes that both these issues along with other simple measures such as street benches (where people can rest) and good lighting are contributing factors in older people's isolation and ultimately declining health.

Council further notes that often only small amounts of funding are necessary to keep services open or functioning in good condition and yet this can have a major impact on a significant section of the community.

Not only would this reduce the potential for compensation claims, it would also benefit older people and those with small children and with disabilities.

This Council therefore requests the Executive Member for Corporate Services to consider the Council's commitment to improving the quality of life of older people and believes these key elements in the physical environment should form part of the performance indicators for this authority.

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El Al Old Dick of Kensington said...

As Kensington's only fully paid up member of the Grey Panthers I congratualte you on this motion, both Marek and myself are currently in Morrocco spending my CP30 compo moeny from selling me house on Edge Lane to Liverpool Land Grab company, for the £48K Iam jsut hpoing my new flat in the Neighbourhood Centre will be ready for when I get back for my operation a week on thursday.

I am sure the council could find the moeny to set up an elite medical squad PRT, (Prostrate Resuccitation Team) for us old timers who are having a bit of trouble with our "privates" and need a hand or a finger even.

Meals on wheels is a bit irrelevent if you cant entertain a lady properly I always say..

Anyway I'll be back in Wetherspoons after the holiday Im the one wearing the Fez and Marek will ahve his Burka on