Monday, October 29, 2007

Comprehensive Performance Assessment for Liverpool City Council

The last few couple of weeks have seen lots of to-ing and fro-ing in the council as we have been hosts to the CPA team, looking at the performance of Liverpool City Council. Lots of people and organisations have been asked for their views of the council's performance; staff, politicians, residents and partners/agencies we work with.

Politicians were given training by IDeA (Improvement and Development Agency) to help us to give our assessments.

I gave an assessment on two areas:

Electronic support with casework (or the lack thereof) and
Council supporting me in my community leadership role, talking particularly about purdah (the appallingly named rules governing how councils should work during election periods)

Fascinating stuff, I look forward to reading the official assessment in due course.


JB said...

Could you ask if Cllr Bradley's free trips to Shanghai, Cannes and Munich are 'best value', given the £20m funding gap he's fallen into?

Old DIck Recouperating from the tramsplant said...

thats the trouble with trips to china, you have one and 30 mins later you want another one

Louise Baldock said...