Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Witch hunt in Croxteth

DUP loving LibDem candidate in Croxteth has been in touch with Tory candidate in another Liverpool City Council ward, asking for any dirt on Labour opponent Jim Noakes with whom he went to school.

There wasn't any - just more red faces within the LibDem group for their shabby practices and lots of yellow yolk on their ties

When will you people learn???


John Hacking said...

They are a joke aren't they. Not a funny one though.

Hope everyting goes well on Thursday.

Have a look at what i'm up to at www.chorltonparklabour.blogspot.com

Louise Baldock said...

I read it often John, you are a credit to campaigning and I salute you.

Kennylad said...

The Fib Dems tried to smear community campaigners over the Prescot Drive debacle - of course, there was no dirt to dish, leaving the Fibs looking lazy and foolish.