Monday, May 14, 2007

Newsham Park Festival working group

Another meeting of the people who want the Newsham Park festival on June 30th to be a big success.

I was there to help talk about PR and marketing mainly but was very impressed with the contributions from around the room.

In particular, Lisa, who is a teacher at St Francis of Assisi Academy and is not an Events manager per se has done a fantastic job, truly amazing, in pulling it all together.

Get it in your diary.

I am helping them to promote this, it was fantastic last year and the weather was so hot we nearly fried, hope it is nice but not that nice this year

Anyone who fancies a stall or some engagement, do please let me know

Anyone who can offer free publicity with posters, websites, radio coverage, stories in the papers, handouts, hand bills or a bit of space in their journals or magazines or newsletters, do please also let me know.

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Park keeper said...

Good to see something good happening here.